Software Activation for Infinity-Box users:
- DC-Unlocker software
- GB-Key software
- GPG-Workshop software
- SPT-Box software
New FREE software for Main Infinity-Box users:
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): MTK/MediaTek
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): RDA/Coolsand
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): SPD/Spreadtrum

19-09-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.97
USB Flashing improved
MTKx: Support for following MTK6260 phones released
RM-1035: Nokia 130 DS
RM-1036: Nokia 130 SS
RM-1037: Nokia 130 SS
Supported flash mode: Full Flash , Language Package Change
MTKx: "Repair Flash" mode improved
MTKx: FlashLoaders updated to latest version
NXP2: Improved FlashFiles checking and chain verify

- Service operations improved
MTKx Service module improved ("Crystal" project support)
MTKx: Improved RPL, Flash Read, Repair MAUI, Format FS operations
MTKx: Improved Safe User Code reset (Nokia 220 improved, Nokia 130 support added)
NXP Android Module improved
NXP: Improved Root procedure
NXP: Improved Google Service installation on latest firmwares: and upper - Nokia logo stuck bug

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
More Lumia "Cyan" Firmwares included (WP8.1)
DataBase revised
New Products included:
RM-1035: Nokia 130 [DS] (MTKx)
RM-1037: Nokia 130 [SS] (MTKx)
Total NaviManager models count: 444

- Other
Ini updated and revised, all latest models included
Stuff files updated
Some bugfixes at all

10-09-2014: Samsung unlock: special offer for SPT-Activation users
Read details

03-09-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.96
- Service Operations improved
- WP8x: WP8.1 phones normal/test mode connection improved
- ADB layer improved
Some bugfixes and improvements
- NXP Android support improved
Connection improved
Root procedure improved: NXP 2.0)
Google Apps package updated: NXP 2.0
Security Backup improved

- User Data operations improved
- S40 (BB5/Xgold618): PhoneBook extraction improved: Direct/Dump
- S40 (Xgold213): Forensic mode improved
- S60: Forensic mode improved

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
Lumia "Cyan" Firmwares added: WP8.1
DataBase revised
Total NaviManager models count: 441

- Other
- Stuff files updated
- Ini updated and revised
- Some BugFixes and improvements

09-08-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.95
- USB Flashing improved
NXP: Improved and Revised model detection (Dead mode)

- Service operations improved
MTKx: Improved support of latest FWs in service mode
MTKx: Improved Counter Reset
NXP: Improved security backup (XNP2.0)

- UserData operations improved
NXP: Improved PhoneBook Operations (NXP1.x / NXP2.x)
MTKx: Improved Safe UserCode Reset
S40: Improved PhoneBook extraction from some BB5 models (Direct and from Dump)

- NaviManager Database updated
All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
New Products added:
RM-1061: Nokia XL [LTE] (NXP 2.0)

- Other
WP7x PhoneBook Extraction service fully restored
Ini updated and revised
X2 drivers for WinXP uploaded on support
Some bugfixes and improvements

04-08-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.94 released: Nokia X2 support: Android, Service, Flash
- USB flashing improved
- Android: Nokia X2 Flashing supported (Dead/Alive mode) - World First !
Always use BEST NaviManager to download FWs for those phones
- MTKx: Fixed phone detection in some cases

- Service Operations improved
- Firmware selection and HW revision detection improved. HW revision warning not shown on non-affected phones
- X2 Phonet protocol supported (allow work with phone, if USB debug is off)
- Switch To ADB - allow choose mode between Phonet/ADB for Nokia Android phones
- ADB layer improved
Added Secure ADB connection support
Some bugfixes and improvements
- NXP Android support improved :

- NXP 1.1 platform support added
Improved ADB Layer to support NXP1.1 phones (New ADB drivers also required )
PhoneBook transfer from XNP1.0 to NXP1.1 supported
Root and all rest features tested and improved on latest Nokia X and Nokia XL FWs
One-Click root, rest operations NOT require Root

- NXP 2.0 platform support added (AOSP 4.3 core)
Root supported
Install Google Services (1 click) - No Root Required
Security Backup - No Root Required
PhoneBook Backup/Restore (Warning, NXP2.0 and NXP1.x cant be cross-written) - No Root Required
Unlock feature useless , but can be used to remove forgotten code (Require ON USB Debug in setting for XNP2.0 platform) - No Root Required

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
DataBase revised
New models included:
RM-927: Lumia 929[Icon] (WP8.1)
RM-1017: Lumia 530[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1018: Lumia 530[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1019: Lumia 530[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1020: Lumia 530[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1042: Nokia XL (NXP1.1)

Total NaviManager models count: 439
Most powerful, fast, standalone and easy NaviManager !

- Other
- New USB drivers for Android phones uploaded to support
- X2 Flashing drivers uploaded to support
- Firmware verification improved (NXP , Lumia)
- Stuff files updated
- Ini updated and revised

22-07-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.93 released - New Nokia Android features and more
USB flashing improved
- NXP flash engine revised
- MTKx flash engine revised
- FlashLoaders updated

Service operations improved
- MTKx: Service operations revised
- MTKx: Safe UserCode Reset for Nokia 108 improved
- NXP: Android Module released
Uses own ADB layer, during start BEST will check for active ADB and ask permission to close it
Auto connect to phone - Work with Nokia Android as like any other Nokia phone
Automatic file selection, when phone connected
.Read Info - read information about phone (NXP, Android Version, Product code, IMEI, HW revision)
.Backup security - backup phone unique data (sfs, nv)
.Install Google Services - install Google Play and rest stuff (No Root required)
.Root - Root phone. One-click and fast. No any special moves required.
.PhoneBook Backup/Restore - Backup PhoneBook from phone and restore it.
Also possible transfer PhoneBook between NXP phones. (No Root required)
.Reset Password/PinLock - Remove ScreenLock. (No Root required)
Just connect phone with ScreenLock to PC with running BEST and press `Reset ScreenLock`.
After reboot Phone will not have locks and all UserData will be untouched.
`Reset Google Account` - reset PhoneBook also. Backup it first, if need.
.Phone Mode Change - allow switch phonemode (Reset, Recovery, Bootloader)
Supported Models:
RM-980: Nokia X (V1 & V2)
RM-981: Nokia X
RM-1030: Nokia XL (V1 & V2)
RM-1053: Nokia X+
Supported FWs: All current NXP versions

NaviManager Database Updated
- All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
- DataBase fully revised
New Products added:
RM-974: Lumia 635[LTE] (WP8.1)
RM-975: Lumia 635[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-979: Lumia 630[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-981: Nokia X (NXP 1.1)
RM-1010: Lumia 638[4G] (WP8.1)
RM-1013: Nokia X2[DS] (NXP 2.0)
RM-1027: Lumia 636[4G] (WP8.1)
RM-1045: Lumia 930 (WP8.1)

Ini updated and revised
Included Root and GS files for NXP phones
New Drivers upload to support area (Strictly required for new WP8x phones)
Some bugfixes and improvements

17-07-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
- "Content Extractor" software activation for USTPRO2 Smart-Card available

16-07-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
New product available:
- Samsung Unlocker `Tropical` Software
Unlock Any Samsung in the World with 1 button click via COM cable
Tested phones: S2, S3, S4, S5, Note 3, Note 3 Neo, G3815 and other models
Unlock works on All new models
No root, no patch, all Firmware Version supported
No warranty harm
- Note:
1. Samsung CDMA from USA is not supported yet, only GSM like T-Mobile and AT&T (work is in progress)
2. Samsung Korea is not supported yet (work is in progress)

Cable: RJ45 cable with FTDI converter !

Test Reports and discussion

02-07-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
New products available:
- Avator-Box Smart-Card Dongle
- Avator-Box Smart-Card Dongle + Activation Code

18-06-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.92 released
USB flashing improved
- MTKx FlashEngine revised
DownLoad agent for Nokia 108, Nokia 220 updated
FlahID database updated
CodeDefine base updated (Error handling)
- NXP FlashEngine Updated
HW Revision check and verify for All NXP products (X/X+/XL)
*Use NaviManager for check your HW revision

NaviManager Database Updated
- All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
- DataBase revised

Ini updated and revised
Some bugfixes

10-06-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.91 released
USB flashing improved
- WP 8.1 Flash Support released
- WP 8.0 Flashing Revised ( WinXP Dead Mode bug )
- MTKx FlashEngine revised (MTK6260 support improved)
- MTKx "Repair Flash" mode improved (MTK6260 support)

Unlock Operations :
- MTKx: Activated Log Read for 15 digits MTK6260 phones: Nokia 225 and similar models

Service operations improved
- MTKx: Safe UserCode reset for MTK6260 released
MTK6260 new way to remove code.
All security settings will be set to default.
Code will be reset after to default: 12345
No need format phone, No any byte of UserData lost!
- MTKx: RPL operations improved
- MTKx: Repair MAUI operation improved : Nokia 225 supported
- MTKx: Security Verify Improved (MTK6260 support revised)
- WP8x: Support for WP8.1 phones in NormalMode (Read Info, NVM operations)

NaviManager Database Updated
- All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
- DataBase revised
- Product Selection after download revised
- AshOS PPM id Database Updated, 1020 records
New Products added:
RM-974: Nokia Lumia 630 SS [MONEYPENNY LTE](WP8x)

Ini updated and revised
Support for 4-digit index (RM-1xxx) in MTKx, WP8, NXP FlashTabs fixed
FFU verification, FastCheck, Product Selection improved (WP8.1)
Repair MAUI package for RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043 uploaded on support
New USB drivers for WP8x, MTKx, NXP platforms upload on support area
Some bugfixes

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