Software Activation for Infinity-Box users:
- DC-Unlocker software
- GB-Key software
- GPG-Workshop software
- SPT-Box software
News for Main Infinity-Box users:
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): MTK/MediaTek
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): RDA/Coolsand
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): SPD/Spreadtrum

22-10-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
New products available:
- DC-Unlocker updates/support 1 year renew
- DC-Unlocker updates/support 2 years renew
- Official DC-Unlocker Price and details

20-10-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.98 - Full Nokia 130 support and more
- USB flashing improved
- MTKx Flash Engine revised
- WP8x Flash Engine Revised
- FlashLoaders updated

- Service Operations improved
- WP8x: WP8.1 Check/Info option added
- NXP: HW Revision check improved
- MTKx: Full Nokia 130 (RM-1035, RM-1036, RM-1037) support
RPL operations: Read/Write/Verify
Flash Read activated
MAUI Repair Activated (Files uploaded to support area)
Counter Reset activated (reset wrong SP unlock code attempts)
SPUnlock (BF) operation activated

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
New models included:
RM-984: Lumia 830 (WP8.1)
RM-985: Lumia 830[LTE] (WP8.1)
RM-1038: Lumia 735[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1039: Lumia 735[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1040: Lumia 730 (WP8.1)
DataBase revised
Total NaviManager models count: 446

- Other
- FFU Verify and info extraction improved
- Stuff files updated
- Ini updated and revised
- Some BugFixes and improvements

20-10-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
- New product available: OSS License Pro (Unlimited unlocks)

19-10-2014: Support/Download Area servers updated
Infinity Support/Download Area servers updated:
- Main Infinty-Box support area
- Infinity-Box [BEST]
- Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool
Details is Here

19-09-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.97
USB Flashing improved
MTKx: Support for following MTK6260 phones released
RM-1035: Nokia 130 DS
RM-1036: Nokia 130 SS
RM-1037: Nokia 130 SS
Supported flash mode: Full Flash , Language Package Change
MTKx: "Repair Flash" mode improved
MTKx: FlashLoaders updated to latest version
NXP2: Improved FlashFiles checking and chain verify

- Service operations improved
MTKx Service module improved ("Crystal" project support)
MTKx: Improved RPL, Flash Read, Repair MAUI, Format FS operations
MTKx: Improved Safe User Code reset (Nokia 220 improved, Nokia 130 support added)
NXP Android Module improved
NXP: Improved Root procedure
NXP: Improved Google Service installation on latest firmwares: and upper - Nokia logo stuck bug

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
More Lumia "Cyan" Firmwares included (WP8.1)
DataBase revised
New Products included:
RM-1035: Nokia 130 [DS] (MTKx)
RM-1037: Nokia 130 [SS] (MTKx)
Total NaviManager models count: 444

- Other
Ini updated and revised, all latest models included
Stuff files updated
Some bugfixes at all

10-09-2014: Samsung unlock: special offer for SPT-Activation users
Read details

03-09-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.96
- Service Operations improved
- WP8x: WP8.1 phones normal/test mode connection improved
- ADB layer improved
Some bugfixes and improvements
- NXP Android support improved
Connection improved
Root procedure improved: NXP 2.0)
Google Apps package updated: NXP 2.0
Security Backup improved

- User Data operations improved
- S40 (BB5/Xgold618): PhoneBook extraction improved: Direct/Dump
- S40 (Xgold213): Forensic mode improved
- S60: Forensic mode improved

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
Lumia "Cyan" Firmwares added: WP8.1
DataBase revised
Total NaviManager models count: 441

- Other
- Stuff files updated
- Ini updated and revised
- Some BugFixes and improvements

09-08-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.95
- USB Flashing improved
NXP: Improved and Revised model detection (Dead mode)

- Service operations improved
MTKx: Improved support of latest FWs in service mode
MTKx: Improved Counter Reset
NXP: Improved security backup (XNP2.0)

- UserData operations improved
NXP: Improved PhoneBook Operations (NXP1.x / NXP2.x)
MTKx: Improved Safe UserCode Reset
S40: Improved PhoneBook extraction from some BB5 models (Direct and from Dump)

- NaviManager Database updated
All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
New Products added:
RM-1061: Nokia XL [LTE] (NXP 2.0)

- Other
WP7x PhoneBook Extraction service fully restored
Ini updated and revised
X2 drivers for WinXP uploaded on support
Some bugfixes and improvements

04-08-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.94 released: Nokia X2 support: Android, Service, Flash
- USB flashing improved
- Android: Nokia X2 Flashing supported (Dead/Alive mode) - World First !
Always use BEST NaviManager to download FWs for those phones
- MTKx: Fixed phone detection in some cases

- Service Operations improved
- Firmware selection and HW revision detection improved. HW revision warning not shown on non-affected phones
- X2 Phonet protocol supported (allow work with phone, if USB debug is off)
- Switch To ADB - allow choose mode between Phonet/ADB for Nokia Android phones
- ADB layer improved
Added Secure ADB connection support
Some bugfixes and improvements
- NXP Android support improved :

- NXP 1.1 platform support added
Improved ADB Layer to support NXP1.1 phones (New ADB drivers also required )
PhoneBook transfer from XNP1.0 to NXP1.1 supported
Root and all rest features tested and improved on latest Nokia X and Nokia XL FWs
One-Click root, rest operations NOT require Root

- NXP 2.0 platform support added (AOSP 4.3 core)
Root supported
Install Google Services (1 click) - No Root Required
Security Backup - No Root Required
PhoneBook Backup/Restore (Warning, NXP2.0 and NXP1.x cant be cross-written) - No Root Required
Unlock feature useless , but can be used to remove forgotten code (Require ON USB Debug in setting for XNP2.0 platform) - No Root Required

- NaviManager DataBase updated
All latest Lumia, MTKx, Asha and NXP firmwares included
DataBase revised
New models included:
RM-927: Lumia 929[Icon] (WP8.1)
RM-1017: Lumia 530[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1018: Lumia 530[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-1019: Lumia 530[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1020: Lumia 530[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-1042: Nokia XL (NXP1.1)

Total NaviManager models count: 439
Most powerful, fast, standalone and easy NaviManager !

- Other
- New USB drivers for Android phones uploaded to support
- X2 Flashing drivers uploaded to support
- Firmware verification improved (NXP , Lumia)
- Stuff files updated

22-07-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.93 released - New Nokia Android features and more
USB flashing improved
- NXP flash engine revised
- MTKx flash engine revised
- FlashLoaders updated

Service operations improved
- MTKx: Service operations revised
- MTKx: Safe UserCode Reset for Nokia 108 improved
- NXP: Android Module released
Uses own ADB layer, during start BEST will check for active ADB and ask permission to close it
Auto connect to phone - Work with Nokia Android as like any other Nokia phone
Automatic file selection, when phone connected
.Read Info - read information about phone (NXP, Android Version, Product code, IMEI, HW revision)
.Backup security - backup phone unique data (sfs, nv)
.Install Google Services - install Google Play and rest stuff (No Root required)
.Root - Root phone. One-click and fast. No any special moves required.
.PhoneBook Backup/Restore - Backup PhoneBook from phone and restore it.
Also possible transfer PhoneBook between NXP phones. (No Root required)
.Reset Password/PinLock - Remove ScreenLock. (No Root required)
Just connect phone with ScreenLock to PC with running BEST and press `Reset ScreenLock`.
After reboot Phone will not have locks and all UserData will be untouched.
`Reset Google Account` - reset PhoneBook also. Backup it first, if need.
.Phone Mode Change - allow switch phonemode (Reset, Recovery, Bootloader)
Supported Models:
RM-980: Nokia X (V1 & V2)
RM-981: Nokia X
RM-1030: Nokia XL (V1 & V2)
RM-1053: Nokia X+
Supported FWs: All current NXP versions

NaviManager Database Updated
- All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
- DataBase fully revised
New Products added:
RM-974: Lumia 635[LTE] (WP8.1)
RM-975: Lumia 635[SS] (WP8.1)
RM-979: Lumia 630[DS] (WP8.1)
RM-981: Nokia X (NXP 1.1)
RM-1010: Lumia 638[4G] (WP8.1)
RM-1013: Nokia X2[DS] (NXP 2.0)
RM-1027: Lumia 636[4G] (WP8.1)
RM-1045: Lumia 930 (WP8.1)

Ini updated and revised
Included Root and GS files for NXP phon

17-07-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
- "Content Extractor" software activation for USTPRO2 Smart-Card available

16-07-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
New product available:
- Samsung Unlocker `Tropical` Software
Unlock Any Samsung in the World with 1 button click via COM cable
Tested phones: S2, S3, S4, S5, Note 3, Note 3 Neo, G3815 and other models
Unlock works on All new models
No root, no patch, all Firmware Version supported
No warranty harm
- Note:
1. Samsung CDMA from USA is not supported yet, only GSM like T-Mobile and AT&T (work is in progress)
2. Samsung Korea is not supported yet (work is in progress)

Cable: RJ45 cable with FTDI converter !

Test Reports and discussion

02-07-2014: Infinity Online Service (IOS) updated
New products available:
- Avator-Box Smart-Card Dongle
- Avator-Box Smart-Card Dongle + Activation Code

18-06-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.92 released
USB flashing improved
- MTKx FlashEngine revised
DownLoad agent for Nokia 108, Nokia 220 updated
FlahID database updated
CodeDefine base updated (Error handling)
- NXP FlashEngine Updated
HW Revision check and verify for All NXP products (X/X+/XL)
*Use NaviManager for check your HW revision

NaviManager Database Updated
- All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
- DataBase revised

Ini updated and revised
Some bugfixes

10-06-2014: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.91 released
USB flashing improved
- WP 8.1 Flash Support released
- WP 8.0 Flashing Revised ( WinXP Dead Mode bug )
- MTKx FlashEngine revised (MTK6260 support improved)
- MTKx "Repair Flash" mode improved (MTK6260 support)

Unlock Operations :
- MTKx: Activated Log Read for 15 digits MTK6260 phones: Nokia 225 and similar models

Service operations improved
- MTKx: Safe UserCode reset for MTK6260 released
MTK6260 new way to remove code.
All security settings will be set to default.
Code will be reset after to default: 12345
No need format phone, No any byte of UserData lost!
- MTKx: RPL operations improved
- MTKx: Repair MAUI operation improved : Nokia 225 supported
- MTKx: Security Verify Improved (MTK6260 support revised)
- WP8x: Support for WP8.1 phones in NormalMode (Read Info, NVM operations)

NaviManager Database Updated
- All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
- DataBase revised
- Product Selection after download revised
- AshOS PPM id Database Updated, 1020 records
New Products added:
RM-974: Nokia Lumia 630 SS [MONEYPENNY LTE](WP8x)

Ini updated and revised
Support for 4-digit index (RM-1xxx) in MTKx, WP8, NXP FlashTabs fixed
FFU verification, FastCheck, Product Selection improved (WP8.1)
Repair MAUI package for RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043 uploaded on support
New USB drivers for WP8x, MTKx, NXP platforms upload on support area
Some bugfixes

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